On 2016-09-27, Vito wrote:
.́ .`

On 2011-03-30, Eddie wrote:
Bribes and Notes accepted. Don't Tweet me.

On 2008-09-18, Papa Llama wrote:
Looking over our ads' unique clicks/page impressions rates, I discovered that an interestingly high number of your readers had checked out our website, so I thought I should check your website out. I'm always interested in learning about the kind of people who think our stuff is worth checking out. Looking over your material, I can't quite see Line Item Vito readers would be more llama-curious than people at most of the other sites where we're advertising, but I was very pleased to discover this great work you're doing. Your toons are WONDERFUL. I'm still working my way through your archives, but I do want to go ahead and say how much I love what you're doing.


Travis L.

On 2008-09-09, Marty wrote:
Another good one! I get it... Juneau / Juno...

On 2008-06-11, Nokota wrote:
SWEET! yer back! now how about some more comix?

On 2008-02-05, Marty wrote:
Cute. Very Cute.

On 2008-01-31, Greywolf (greywolf@sSPAMtarwolBAITf.com) wrote:
Happy Birthday VERY late. Finally checking back in given the political climate! Keep 'er going, Eddie! --*greywolf;

On 2007-11-28, Marty wrote:
Hey Vito. Enjoy a Happy Happy Birthday!

On 2007-09-20, Anonymous wrote:
Welcome back from hibernation

On 2007-02-27, Eddie wrote:
Nokota, thanks for the compliment. I'm busy bringing up a new site: ComicMatch.com. When that's stable I have some changes to this site planned, and then Vito will return.

On 2007-02-26, Nokota wrote:
when comics comming back?! this my fave!

On 2006-11-30, George wrote:
Yeah Man, Happy Birthday

On 2006-11-28, Marty wrote:
Hey Vito. Enjoy a Happy Happy Birthday!

On 2006-11-13, Greywolf (greywolf@sSPAMtarwolBAITf.com) wrote:
Heh. Eddie, thank you for a great two years of sharp commentary. I'll miss reading you. Let me know if/when you start posting again. What're your "other projects"?

On 2006-11-03, Marty wrote:
Eddie, We are going to miss Vito. Even though we know he is going to win in a landslide!

On 2006-10-31, Hugh Kress wrote:
Very sorry to hear about the "hiatus." Your stuff is good, though I'm sure it's difficult to maintain it on a regular basis without full-blown syndication.

Please don't "lose your muse." We'll be waiting.

On 2006-10-30, James Hatton (revvoice@gmail.com) wrote:
Great stuff as always ;)

On 2006-09-01, Eddie wrote:
Bush v. Gore grades: http://www.insidepolitics.org/heard/heard32300.html
Bush v. Kerry grades: http://www.hannity.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10642
Which is why Gore started this popularity of the term "Incurious"

On 2006-09-01, Steve S. wrote:
If I remember correctly GWB had higher grades than John Kerry, and certainly higher than the dropout Al Gore.

On 2006-08-28, Greywolf [greywolf@sSPAMtarwolBAITf.com] wrote:
Keep in mind that "Santa" is one dyslexic displacement away from "Satan" anyway...and their end designs appear VERRRRRRY similar. (No, I'm not a Satanist or Devil Worshipper -- I'm not Christian.)

On 2006-08-18, Loki wrote:
It's a good thing Vito's colleagues have yet to develop an interest in body cavity searches. A suicide bomber could easily hide far more than a gel insole or lipstick tube's contents. Perhaps Vito will offer the ultimate solution for keeping airlines safe, ban passengers and freight? (And maybe sinister eyes and hands as well? - think Latin and Roman dagger politics)

On 2006-08-18, Marty wrote:
OK. So, naked air travel helps solve our nation's airport security conscerns. Congressman Vito has, once again, contributed to America's quality of life. I knew I was doing right when I voted for this guy. Upon arrival I'll be able to stop by the terminal's landside shops to buy new clothes (reference the Emperor). Maybe even a nice gift for a friend - or a congressional bribe. And still, while on board I have my own personal spot to stow my toothbrush.

On 2006-08-07, Marla wrote:
good poli-humor with cute faces

On 2006-07-24, Marty wrote:
Eddie hits another high note!!

On 2006-07-17, Greywolf (greywolf@sSPAMtarwolBAITf.com) wrote:
Maybe if the shuttle would orbit the Earth going the OTHER way, they'd land in the future instead of the past... :)

On 2006-07-16, Mighty Mouse wrote:

On 2006-07-15, Loki wrote:
And so with just slightly more effort than GOP operatives tweaking Diebold machines, Vito is into the Top 100 on Buzz! (Do Comix polls have tighter security than pretend US elections?)

On 2006-07-13, Greywolf (greywolf@starwolf.com) wrote:
Woohoohoohoo! Exclamatory: Oscar Mike Foxtrot Golf, that's harsh! That's FUNNY as HELL! Keep 'em coming, Eddie!

On 2006-07-13, Sean Tisdall (nitzwalsh86@yahoo.caNUCKISTAN) wrote:
We're gettin' a mite heavy with the polemic and vitriol here Eddie... glad to see it.

On 2006-07-01, Hugh@hughkress.com wrote:
You can thank "Day By Day" for recruiting me, and I expect to be a loyal viewer/linker/promoter. Great stuff! Sorry, no PayPal bribe quite yet, but if I link to you from my site, I surely will.

On 2006-06-24, Mike @ Midnight wrote:
Very Good Eddie.
Hey everyone.
Look at Vito.
Watch and Learn.

On 2006-06-19, Greywolf (greywolf@starwolf.com) wrote:
"Yes. Yes, Dot, you're going to die...

...just not now, and hopefully not for a long time."

On 2006-06-05, Greywolf [greywolf@starwolf.com] wrote:
Uhm...Didn't Satan ALREADY win the election in 2004?!?

On 2006-05-29, FrostFireChild (jsp8@cisunix.unh.edu) wrote:
i love your comic! im new to lineitemvito, i just started reading it. your comic is very good, you are so up to date with everything! i learned more about politics from this comic than i did from my political science 401 class. dot rocks, shes totally my favorite character.

On 2006-05-25, Fan Fan wrote:
Congrats to you! Even if I had $100,000.00 to bribe you I wouldn't know what to ask for. Except 200 more cartoons!

On 2006-05-25, Greywolf [greywolf@starwolf.com] wrote:
ROFL! "Seized the cake and ice cream as evidence!"

That's just too a propos!

On 2006-05-06, J-Dream wrote:
Yeah baby! Good comic.

On 2006-05-05, Greywolf wrote:
Line Item tiVo! LOL! That's what the president needs!

On 2006-04-27, Dr. Nana wrote:
LIV is the Teddy Bear with sharp teeth. Good job Eddie.

On 2006-04-14, Anonymous wrote:
The USA has nukes. But they'll only drop 'em on their enemies (such as Iran), not their friends. What could anyone say to THAT? - 'Salaam' is spelled with only one alif.

On 2006-03-08, Greywolf [greywolf@starwolf.com] wrote:
"These are not the idiots you are looking for." "THESE AREN'T THE IDIOTS WE'RE LOOKING FOR!"...
"We're here to instill Democracy." =] "We're planning on trying to whomp Iran next."

On 2006-03-07, Mountain Woman wrote:
Awsome Strip.

You smack 'em up from the left and the right and you do it with humor.

On 2006-03-06, goodolbr wrote:
Your cartoons are very clever. I hope they will be picked up soon for syndication.

On 2006-02-28, Greywolf [greywolf@starwolf.com] wrote:
Tandoori Chicken: The kinder, gentler nuclear weapon...or by-product thereof...

[mmmm, love that stuff!]

On 2006-02-13, Greywolf wrote:
ROFL! The "just eyes" thing made for a welcome gut laugh on a Monday morning.

On 2006-02-02, The Man wrote:
Your summation of the state of the union is, in a word, Right-On !!! What was I thinking in the last election? Next time I'm going to vote Vito!!!

On 2005-12-30, Eddie (eddiec@lineitemvito.com) wrote:
Thanks MammaLisa, St. Jude, Greywolf! I love hearing from you.

On 2005-12-30, MommaLisa wrote:
So Dot's growing up! You're humor blows me away. I love it. Where do you come up with these? I am a fan!

On 2005-12-25, St. Jude wrote:
Happy Holidays Vito.

On 2005-12-20, Greywolf [greywolf@starwolf.com] wrote:
Comparison of George W. to King George. You know, I was WONDERING how long it would be before that comparison popped up. It only took, what, 4 years to draw that conclusion? Nicely handled, Eddie!

On 2005-12-15, UncleVisen wrote:
Thank you very much Eddie - I cant believe I ever gave half a thought to quitting comics... ^^ LIV is as excellent as ever! Keep it up!

On 2005-12-10, - wrote:
The eyes have it !! Good comic!

On 2005-11-28, SB wrote:
Happy Birthday, Vito!!! ... and many more.

On 2005-11-11, goodolbr wrote:
This is a wonderful site! I just love it. I will check it everyday.

On 2005-11-03, Donna wrote:
Ah. Criticizing Bush does seem to have become a cottage industry for us Dems. Not that there isn't a lot to criticize, but really! Nope, still not offended. :)

On 2005-11-02, Eddie (eddiec@lineitemvito.com) wrote:
Donna, thanks for the compliment. Here's the cartoon in question:
Sept. 1, 2005

On 2005-11-02, Donna wrote:
Which strip slammed the Democrats? The one about Harriet Miers? From this particular date, it looks remarkably prophetic, because now we're stuck with Alito. I'm a die-hard liberal Democrat and I wasn't in the least offended; in fact, I laughed at its truthfulness. Congratulations on producing the most politically astute comic on the web. Re-elect Congressman Vito!

On 2005-10-27, relayer@gmail.com wrote:
Slamming Bush is OK but slamming Dems isn't. uh, yeah, sure. Come on, blind people, they're ALL unscrupulous buttheads when it comes to spending money that is not theirs to spend.

On 2005-10-24, Eddie (eddiec@lineitemvito.com) wrote:
I've received more comments for that one strip than any other, combined. People seem to be happy when I whack Bush but not when I whack the Dems. Thanks for reading, though!

On 2005-10-23, NGrn wrote:
It was a really crappy thing to do to throw in your shot at Dems for your stip in the Telethon. Thanks for your donation, but please don't make us dislike the help. Thanks

On 2005-10-08, Amanda wrote:
If I understood politics, this would be funny. It's still funny though.

On 2005-10-01, Marty wrote:
Brilliant! You've got all sides covered. I love it, Ma & Pa love it, the kids love it. Run Vito Run!

On 2005-09-30, Niha wrote:
You have some original work here, indeed.

On 2005-09-25, - wrote:
Hey! I just randomly bumped into your site. I love it!!! Finally some political humor that pokes fun at BOTH sides ^_^ You're definetely going in my Favorites!

On 2005-09-18, eddiec@lineitemvito.com wrote:
Thank you for reading Vito! I assume you're referring to the cartoon at http://www.webcomictelethon.com/d/1040.html. It wasn't intentionally pro-Bush. Vito tries to be non-partisan. That cartoon elbowed the Dem's for their politicking and also elbowed Bush -- it is hard to know which disaster was meant... there are so many to choose from.

On 2005-09-18, - wrote:
in response to your pro-bush hurricane comic thing: you do know that he's the cause of every disaster except the hurricane, right?

On 0000-00-00, Anonymous wrote: